Friday, May 7, 2010

Off To Wonderland

Another semester is over, portfolios are scattered around the studio, Wonderland exchange portfolios have been distributed, and the shop is clean and ready for a new crew. The above image is the colophon page for the exchange portfolio. Since the portfolios do no not contain every print by every one involved, but rather ten random prints, all of the impressions are reproduced on the colophon so that everyone at least has a 'history' of the images created. Based on past exchanges, I didn't think the Wonderland theme was our strongest.

The discussion of the portfolio started by generating ideas within the entire group. In the course of throwing out possible themes, someone suggested "Alice in Wonderland." During the brainstorming session that was distilled down to just Wonderland, which has all kinds of potential. But there were some who embraced Alice's journey nevertheless, so there are a number of prints in that land and some that ventured into new territory.

Each participant printed an edition of eleven, and many of those editions were very well printed, with only slight variations. A few were questionable and could have used a few more impressions from which to cull a solid edition of eleven, but all in all, it was a good project and a rewarding portfolio. I hope all who participanted are happy with the collection of prints they received.

Enjoy the spring and summer wonderland.