Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Printmaking: we're done.

Below is the colophon for the Self-Portraits exchange portfolio created by the afternoon printmaking class. I don't have many of the individual images documented, but if you click on the colophon, you'll see it on a larger and more detailed scale.

Other highlights of the semester included some inspiring color intaglios by Wende Cudmore:

Pako Martin, one of our graduating seniors crated some interesting work with the prints below. The first has a waxed print (thanks Rob) sewn over a color intaglio. The other is a piece of linoleum with holes cut into it and then coins dropped into the holes, intaglio inked and printed.

Miranda Becht explored some multi-plate intaglio prints using both etched zinc and solar plates.

Daniel Marshall also did some engaging images with solar plates, and check out the one he has on the colophon. Pretty nice.

Dani Maudlin, our newest BFA printmaking major, tried many different approaches with her work. This piece is an intaglio chine colle mounted on hand made paper.