Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Congrats to Wende

Night In by David Dreisbach

David Dreisbach recently celebrated his 90th birthday. For those of you unfamiliar with Dreisbach's work, he has been an exhibiting artist since 1949 and an educator from 1952 to 1991. He studied with Mauricio Lasansky and Stanley William Hayter. He has exhibited in over 250 one man shows and a very large number of national and international juried and invitational exhibitions and workshops.
David has a lifetime of artistic endeavors and is well respected as an educator who instilled strong artistic commitments in a large impressive group of students. He is an internationaly known expert and innovator in the printmaking field who helped to create technical advances in color viscosity printing.
Joy Peterson of Louisville is the sister of David. She wanted to honor David's 90th birthday by awarding a 'scholarship' gift to a deserving student in printmaking. Joy contacted me for recommendations. I told her that I had several deserving students, but I suspected that since it was to honor her brother that one who had a strong background in etching would be a good match for Joy's intentions. I recommended Wende for this honor and Joy was very excited about that selection. I sent some of Wende's images to her, but I am also going to include some her and invite Joy to visit our blog. Please extend a congratulations to Wende, and enjoy some of her intaglio prints.

Making Love


Jelly Fish


Wende Cudmore holding the card from Joy Peterson

Wende is a senior in the Fine Arts Program and will be graduating in the spring with a BFA in Printmaking. Her work explores nature and it's patterns and those influences on our world, both subtle and overt.  She is currently involved with the tradition of creating "quilts", but rather than employing fabric, Wende is composing her quilts out of printed images from etchings and collagraphs.  They will function as objects rather that the traditional utilitarian bed cover. Wende is also very involved with vegetable papyrus, creating wall hangings, bowls, and most prominently, hats.

Kiwi Hat