Sunday, November 9, 2008

Monday's Discussion

Tomorrow we'll be looking at the progress that's been made on the various print projects going on in the studio.  We'll be looking at the intaglio prints that have been cooking in the S240 section, and the beginnings of the relief prints.  Those reliefs, I think, are moving a little faster. Any of the portfolio prints that explore the concept of Tension will be looked at in-progress. We should discuss the actual portfolio: what will we create to contain this group of prints?  I'm still looking at possibilities for my contribution, but I think I'm going to go with an intaglio print for a break from the computer.  Some of you may have one layer of black on your B/W monotype ready for discussion and I'm anxious to see how those develop.  The advanced folks have several things going: intaglio, relief, silkscreen, collagraph, and litho.  I'll be interested to see and hear how some of those projects are pulling together.

It's a fast moving semester and there's still alot to accomplish with your work.  Take a close look at the calendar so that you can budget your time in the print studio to meet the needs of the minimum expectations established for your final portfolios.  And remember, the studio is open for you seven days a week, so some of you may want to take advantage of the other five days that are at your disposal; they'll prove to be invaluable to your progress.

Happy printing.

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