Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Allison at the computer.
Allison's linoleum cut.
Rob's inked intaglio plate.
The resulting first impression.
The inked collagraph board.
Placing the inked collagraph over the intaglio impression. 
The resulting combination of a happy accident.

It was fun going into the shop today, a non-class day, and seeing more than one person working. An encouraging sign for end of the semester activity. Allison had printed her relief and the image above does not do it justice.  In fact, none of the above images above are very good, but it at least documents some interesting activity in the printshop.  Allison created the print by water coloring some Hosho with some very transparent washes of various colors. After the paper dried, she cut out various 'orchid' shapes to chine colle with the linoleum cut, and then printed it onto a decorative Thai paper with subtle fern shapes within the fiber.  The resulting print is beautifully executed.

Rob was working on an intaglio/relief that combined a collagraph on masonite with a reverse etched plate.  He was very focused on it until I showed up with the camera and then the distraction created some interesting results.  After he printed the intaglio, he had the collagraph board inked with both intaglio and a relief roll and was going to print it over the first impression from the plate.  The two maticies have the same imagery, one a postive and one a negative. After he pulled the impression and lifted the collagraph off of the paper, the board had been printed in the opposite direction of the first impression.  Oops.  Usually that results in an obnoxiously symmetrical image, but since he had used some opaque and some transparent colors, the resulting image was very engaging.  Happy accidents in the print shop often create beautiful results.

Let's see more prints. 


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