Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rob's Fuel Injectors

Rob's multi-media piece that's been installed in the downstairs hallway has provided some engaging and provocative discussions regarding content, form, and the conceptual associations of the viewer.  As one person commented, "It's a very smart piece." It's great having some smart art around. I'm not sure how much longer he intends to leave it in place, but if you haven't had the chance to look and think about it, please do so.  The concept of multiples is especially strong, and the combination of paint and silkscreened text add some pretty interesting layers of meaning.  

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Shawn said...

Sorry, Rob, I didn't notice the topic here. I agree it is smart art. I love the fact that Rob recognized the ultimate in found objects for his art installation. How many hundreds of millions of these used fuel injectors are discarded and what can they represent? This was not random dumpster diving, he collected these and recognized their importance and value as an a medium. The installation was well executed. I love that long linear format. There is so much narrative in every aspect of the piece. I love it, Rob. Keep it up.