Friday, December 4, 2009

End of the Semester

It's Friday morning, close to noon; probably will be noon by the time I post this. The printshop is empty this morning, no printing happening. Maybe there will be some activity later, maybe tomorrow, even Sunday. I hope so.

There are a few shots of the printshop in its current state. Of course it won't look like this on Wednesday morning. It'll be clean, inks and other materials will be returned to their assigned locations, tables, counter tops, the big island and the small island will be scrubbed clean. Brayers will be in their drawer with the roller-side up. Tools will be back in their drawer. The hot plate will look new. Glass inking slabs will be shiny and the duct tape trim around them will be cleaned of all the ink. The acid room sink will, again, look like a stainless steel sink. We'll say goodbye to any unclaimed pinwheels. The light table will be a clean expanse of light table. A chunk of final grades is based on "Printshop Rules and Maintenance", so beyond each of the assigned printshop duties each of you had for the semester, the general maintenance (including some of those duties) have been a bit lax. Make sure everyone pitches in between now and Wednesday to get the shop back to where it was on the first day of the semester, so everyone can reap the rewards.


Anonymous said...

Hey I plan to work in the Studio tomorrow. I actually have a Sat. off for once. But, when i'm done printing for the day I will clean the studio.

christophermichael said...

though our grade is based off cleanliness, this idea of a sterile printmaking studio is an abstract thought. clean one day, and not the next is inevitable/// just my two cents.

Shawn said...

No, some people just refuse to clean up. They are only cleaning what is on their list and that's all.

shadow99ccb said...

i was in there tonight until 1am cleaning up the island and all the gunk on the tape...its better then it was but the studio still needs a lot of work.

brian h. jones said...

I agree, Beth, the printshop is better but still needs a lot of work between now and tomorrow morning. And to some extent, you're right Chris, the shop is clean one day and not the next. But after tomorrow, it'll be clean for several weeks, now that's an abstract thought! It's just a matter of everyone pitching in and getting it done. I cleaned the store room yesterday, so now I at least know what I have to order for next semester.