Monday, February 22, 2010

Exchange Portfolio: Reconciliation

This is the colophon page of the exchange portfolio created during the fall semester 2009. What will the spring 2010 colophon look like?

As in almost every previous semester, we will be undertaking a group portfolio exchange project this semester. Discussion of the project will be March 1 to decide on the theme, media, paper and image size, and edition number. Last semester there were 17 participants, each creating an edition of 11 impressions based on the theme “Reconciliation”, each print was on 9” x 12” paper with an image size of 5” x 7”. At the end of the semester, each participant received a portfolio of 10 randomly selected prints, while the shop received one complete portfolio of 17 impressions. The decision to not create editions of 18 was primarily cost related. 17 people printing editions of 18 impressions would require a lot of paper and a lot of ink.

The theme for the project is very open, but unlike the current 200 level intaglio project, this portfolio theme will be pursued by everyone rather than having several themes going at once. This allows for a collaborative strengthening of ideational fluency, taking an idea and interpreting it through each of the 17 unique sets of experiences, perceptions, and mediums. The media is also open and will ultimately be decided by each participant. At the moment, we have a few working in lithography, a few in silk screen, a lot of intaglio, and soon many more in relief. An exchange portfolio that explores all of these processes creates a more intriguing collection of prints than a portfolio that explores only one process.

So be thinking about a theme, and take a look at some of the past portfolio projects for inspiration.


Connie said...

I would prefer not to do something negative. There is so much negative in the world. But, this theme might or might take people in that direction. I don't even quite know where it would take me. But, what about a theme of 'tomorrow'. Simply, what does the future hold for us? I think we all have our own view of the direction of this country and our personal lives.

brian h. jones said...

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "negative", Connie. Whatever the theme of the portfolio, and it will be a group consensus, I hope, the interpretations of that theme in conjunction with the process will imbue either a positive or negative affect on the content of the prints. It can be approached either with a pessimistic or optimistic point-of-view. I think "tomorrow" is an interesting idea though and should be one of the considerations. Theme based portfolios, or even theme based groups of artworks help us all to gain an understanding of how art interrelates with other forces to influence and enrich our lives. Much of the best literature in our history is based on what one might say is "negative', same with much of the art, or any of the arts for that matter. It is, after all, the visual artists, the writers, and the composers who enlighten us through their creativity about our past and our present, and through their imaginations about our future, our "tomorrow." So be open to taking the theme in the direction that fits your inclinations, aesthetic, and your sensibilities.

Connie said...

I did talk to Brian about my comment for those that weren't there. What I mean by negative is something like war. To me there isn't a positive side of war. Someone always dies. And there is always a war somewhere. I can't see a postive way you could portray war. I think I would want something with a few more options. Anyway, that's an example of what I meant.