Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Intaglio prints

The beginning printmaking class has been working on their first intaglio prints. Here are examples from our midterm critique.

Anna is exploring the theme of "home" in her work this semester. In this print she incorporated soft ground, aquatint, and chine colle.

Nick is visiting all the things he likes to do; it's a Nick world. In this print, he pushed his aquatints with lots of scraping and burnishing, and after inking the intaglio he did a surface roll over the plate.

Daniel and/or Frank is expanding the beauty of sound and movement in his work. Here he interpreted the scratchy sounds of DJing, even allowing the edges of his plate to become scratchy (intentionally).

David is looking at robotics and technology and it's impact on human beings. A cyborg skeleton with aquatint, roulette, and a surface roll yields an interesting interpretation.

Dani is looking within to explore self-portraiture. In this intaglio print she has chine colled the figure onto a thin decorative paper later mounted onto a piece of handmade paper.

All five of these print are well executed through a variety of processes, and represent strong first attempts at the intaglio process. Later in the semester we will all be creating another edition of prints for a theme-based exchange portfolio (Self-Portraits). Each participant will print an edition of 11, for 17 portfolios. Each portfolio will contain 10 random prints from the class. Extra credit will be awarded for the uniqueness and the craftsmanship of the portfolio containers.

I'll be back soon to show what the advanced group is up to.

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Shawn said...

There was a lot of work put into these. I love all the many layers. Great job guys.