Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nicole Hand Printathon

Yesterday was a full day in the shop with a support group that inked and printed almost 40 impressions, four plates and six colors - that's 160 pulls through the press. This group was the last combination of printers on the last impression: Donna Stallard, Nicole Hand, Wende Cudmore, and Danielle (Dani) Maudlin.

Nicole gave an impromptu presentation to about 60 students during the day. Talking about her works, its processes and content.

At the beginning of the day, donna was the 'yellow' plate.

Arts and Letters Academic Advisor, Greg Roberts, stopped by the shop to meet Nicole and see the progress of print.

Nicole and Wende examine one of the first impressions of the day.

Check by later, there'll be a wrap-up of images and commentary.

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