Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Intaglios

The beginning print class completed their first intaglio prints of the semester. This collection of impressions explored a variety of techniques and processes, and many took on some pretty complicated approaches. The result being a strong and impressive group of intaglio prints.

Amelia impression was a combination of a progressive line etch and an open bite marble etch. Printed with black ink and a transparent yellow surface roll.

Ashley utilized line etch, aquatint, spit bite, and chine colle. She tried a surface roll, but the logistics of that and the colle proved to be more of a challenge than it was really worth, so she added a color to her intaglio ink to resolve the issue.  

Christina made use of aquatint, marble etch, line etch, and then using a glassine stencil after inking and wiping the plate did a selective surface roll. 

Dustin used aquatint, line etch, and some roulette work to 're-create' this image from The Eye.

Kathleen combined line etch, aquatint, soft ground, lots of scraping and burnishing to create this portrait of her soldier husband.

Katy's rooster was some pretty intricate line etching and spit bite.

Kaitlin employed line etch, aquatint, soft ground, and marble etch, and a little bit of soul.

Tamara's impression was inspired by her quilting experiences, and she used line etch, aquatint, chine colle, and then sewed lace onto the print.

Zane pulled this fantasy image from one of his sketchbooks, and then used line etch, aquatint, marble etch, roulette, scraping and burnishing.

Tre 'recreated' this image of Daft Punk in dinner jackets instead of leather studded outfits to explore the intaglio process of line etch, aquatint, dry point, and blended surface roll.

Maho's interests in childrens' book illustration is evident in this line and aquatint etching where she also employed water color.

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wcudmore said...

I can see everyone has jumped in feet first and is working hard on some pretty difficult processes in printmaking. Keep up the good work!