Friday, February 4, 2011


Wende and I worked in the shop today experimenting with the printing of a solar plate that she created by using dried and pressed seaweed as her positive for exposure. After a few tries with various ink viscosities, an impression was finally pulled that seems to take advantage of the image and the printing process. An intaglio color was applied as a blend and wiped tightly with tarlatan and phonebook paper, and then a surface roll blending from a transparent blue up to a pale yellow was applied. It seemed to do the trick. We had printed a few previous, but problems with the blemished roller, color intensity, and the lack of compatibility of the surface blend colors presented some problems that eventually were resolved. It became very clear, however, that the shop needs new rollers. In spite of that issue, I think Wende has a strong direction that should be lots of fun expanding and exploring.

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wcudmore said...

I am so excited on how the seaweed print turned out! I almost threw the seaweed out when I got back from Florida, because it stunk so bad! I am sure glad I did'nt. I think the solarplate method is going to work well with my pressed veggie papyrus. I am anxious to solarplate the the whole piece of seaweed and print it as a color intaglio print. Thanks Brian for Friday, I learned so much and it was a lot of fun.