Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Monotypes - the next batch

The rest of the monotypes came in yesterday, after that 'final' layer of color was printed. There are some that could use, yet, another layer of color or black. This approach to monotype printing, layering process colors reductively one on top of the other, can be laborious depending on the image one is trying to achieve, or on the image one thinks they are trying to achieve. Sometimes the process and the image take an entirely different direction depending on the aesthetic position one prints themselves into. However, there are many interesting things that happen when wet inks get pushed and pulled into shapes, textures, and value transitions.

Wende was inspired by air pockets trapped under ice. Her direction created a strong image of organic symmetry that almost takes on a Judy Chicago sensibility.

Sam's exploration is rooted in nature, and in this print he explored a road winding through a landscape that takes on a theatrical set feel. It's dark and dense, but then there is a glimmer of hope over the horizon. It may be good to back out of the landscape some and enjoy the light.

Robin is exploring text and image, challenging us to understand the content and function of those combined visual elements. Expanding the inspiration by researching those artists who combine words into their images might be a worth while goal. It makes me wonder about the potentials of creating an image out of just text.

Nick is exploring the things in his life that he enjoys, and guess what one of those enjoyable things is? Some very subtle line work around the basketball started to suggest a sense of movement, maybe even animation. It would be equally enjoyable to push that quality more.

Lori is continuing the nature theme that she began exploring during the summer. Like Robin, she also combined image and text in this print. Again, researching artists who approach their imagery with that combination would be a way to strengthen that concept. Does readability matter? When and in what context?

One of the Daniels in the group, who I will from now on refer to as Frank, is interested in movement and sound, and in this print he explores the little thingys or buttons on a sound equalizer. Playing off their positions with light and color. Frank responds to the "beauty of movement."

One of the Davids is interested in robotics, technology, and machinery incorporated into living forms. His cyborg hand has potential that just needs a bit more technology.

The other David, like Nick, also shares a passion for basketball. He explored the game through a series of drawings last summer and is continuing that this semester. He may be pushing it into overtime, but this is a fresher point of view that may be the result of where he's positioned with the process.

The other Daniel, who, like Frank, is very interested in sound, particualry music, and has explored that passion in some of his work, also has a passion for cars and all the parts that coalesce into cars. He intends a lot more layering with his caddy.

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