Thursday, September 1, 2011

We've Started Printing

On Teusday, the first day of class, besides detailing the usual first-day-of-class kind of stuff, we also created a Trace or Touch Print. As folks arrived in the studio they were sent over to a black rectangle that had been gridded off and instructed to do a quick self portrait within each of the frames and to include their names at the bottom of each section. The result is the first image above, a fun composite of those who were there on the first day.

Today we discussed themes and concepts that would drive the explorations into Intaglio, Relief, Monotype, and Collagraph, and then we created a collaborative three color separation monotype (second image above). Three groups worked on three inked sheets of mylar, one yellow, one cyan, and one magenta. By creating this collaborative print, everyone became familiar with the inks, the paper, and the press. One of the advantages also of pulling this impression was to realize that the process colors do not yield the same secondary colors as the primary colors do. Instead of green, orange, and violet, the process colors result in red, green, and blue.

Each of the three groups explored different approaches to reducing the field of color with marks using stamps, textured materials, solvents, plastics, etc. The result was pretty cool for a 15 person 90 minute collaboration.

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wcudmore said...

It did turn out pretty cool. Everyone seemed to have a good time working on it! The best way to grasp the concept of printmaking is just jumping in and getting your hands dirty...the light bulb will come on:)