Friday, September 16, 2011

New Printmakers

The images below are the first three-color separation monotypes by all the new printmakers. A pretty exciting bunch of prints. We've had discussions about each one and suggested the things they might try to make their messages stronger. With the knowledge they gained by this first effort, and from watching others execute their processes, their second effort will be even more exciting. Everyone is developing a theme through their work this semester, so how each one grows in concept and process will be fun to see.

Brittany Loop is investigating the visual dynamic of Koi.

Todd Brewer is exploring isolation, but not necessarily in a 'dark' way.

Tiffany Walker is exploring the seasons.

Patrick Berry is interpreting A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Miri Fetko is responding to Spanish poetry.

Maggie Poe is examining work related symbols and iconography.

Kirsten Goodman is utilizing cultural symbols representing the elements.

Kaitie Skinner is examining architectural possibilities.

Ellen Everwine is seeing through different points-of-view.

Brittany Norris is responding to social media and its effects on identity.

Allison Jones is exploring narrative fantasy.

Some of the images went through some funky color shifts in the translation from ink to pixel, but I hope you can see how the various approaches have expanded the process into some unique discoveries.