Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A New Year for Prints

We're into September 2012. That's a long time since the last posting. I had taken a hiatus from this blog due to the inactivity. I was a bit tired of only communicating with myself and responding to my own posts. But some interest has been expressed to resurrect INTAYLO, contribute more posts and include more images from the two groups of printmakers. I'm hopeful we'll have more online discussions/critiques.

There's a beginning and advanced group. The advanced group has already been working pretty steadily so I have a few images to share from those efforts. The beginning group in in the midst of the three color separation monotype process, so after this evening, there'll be some images to share from those efforts.

The advanced group is already very involved in their new work. I've changed some things around this semester hoping to make the printshop a more collaborative, interactive, and innovative arena. We started the semester with some collaborative projects, teaming up small groups of two to create prints from nontraditional matricies. There are some pretty interesting results that I hope will fuel further investigations. I teamed up with Dani, and we layered several kinds of surfaces, such as a screen door guard, shower mat, carpenter's square, stamps, and a few floor mats.

Wende and Anna created a layered impressions from shelf liners, doilies, and twine. They offset those impressions onto a sheet of sheer paper and then waxed it to hang over the original impressions, creating a veil of color and texture.

Alex and Stasha inked up a sheet of mylar, placed it on a sheet of paper and placed it under a car. They then drove back and forth over it. The remaining image on the mylar was then printed onto another sheet of paper.

Laura and Emily printed a flat of yellow, then inked up string and printed it in layers over the surface, with each layer getting more and more vague. They finished with a layer of transparent magenta that has Saran wrap textures impressed in the surface.

Brian and Dani

Wende and Anna

Stasha and Alex

Laura and Emily

Each of these collaborative experimentations examined less conventional approaches to creating images through a printmaking sensibility. There was ink and pressure and layers and paper. Aside from the work each individual will be exploring and discussing throughout the semester, we will also continue to push for more innovation through collaborative efforts and critical dialogue.


Dani said...

Also on our print, Brian forgot to mention that we used crinkled heavy duty foil. I think everyone worked really well with others to accomplish nice prints. I am looking forward to seeing new work being produced by all levels of printmaking.

wcudmore said...

I agree with Dani, I think this semester is going to be full of lots of unconventional works as well as traditional prints. And of course lots of experimentation on all levels.

Let's get rolling printmakers!