Monday, September 17, 2012

Thought I'd add some more of the monotypes since the first batch didn't generate any discussion. Maybe by having all of them on the discussion will be more involved.

Ayla utilized an older drawing from a previous studio class and added some new elements. A few points were discussed during critique that may help to strengthen the final image.

Chasson also went back in time to a project from his drawing class, building a figure from the skeleton and adding layers of muscle and tissue. He wasn't as happy with the print as he was the drawing, but then that is one of the corners we find ourselves in when we try to retranslate an image from one medium to another.

Edwin is looking at Mucha.

Jeremy went to a previous semester and restated a drawing through the monotype process. Now that everyone has experienced that process twice, the first being the collaborative impression, concepts will evolve through the monotype process better. 

Joseph's angel is pretty vibrant. I could see some transparent neutrals incorporated.

Kat is telling a story about a fox, although more detail may be necessary.

Kayla reinterpreted an earlier drawing by pushing the negative areas into richer darks. Some spatial pushing could move us into the image a bit more.

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