Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Last evening the beginning group discussed the first monotype project, and I have to say that it was one of the most productive discussions at this level that I've experienced in some time. Most everyone contributed critical feedback to the work we were viewing. Very sound recommendations were offered regarding the process and ways to utilize it to strengthen the work. There were healthy disagreements as well. Some of the images, though executed competently, suffered from drawing issues. those individuals will want to spend more time trying to resolve future images before they are committed to the printmaking process we happen to be exploring at the time, and current work is always going to be stronger that pulling out drawings from a few years ago. We will discuss some thematic options on Thursday so that future work is current and relevant to the artist.

Brady created this monotype referencing Superman and super heroes, calling into question the whole idea of Heroes and what that designation really means.

Hope's monotype was based on a cluster of trees that were reflecting into a pool of water.

Jessica referenced a drawing that she spent considerable time on in a previous class, an alternative self-portrait.

Josh also mined the past with an image he created in drawing class last semester, although in this case he cropped in more tightly, enlarging the skeleton for a more dynamic composition.

Lexi's image of a woman bearing a pail of water raised some interesting discussion regarding it's content, possibly referencing several stories and myths.

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brian h. jones said...

No comments? I though for sure there would be some kind of activity regarding the first monotypes. Some are very strong images. Maybe I'll put some more up and see if it inspires some dialogue.