Thursday, September 27, 2012


Lots of interesting dialogue yesterday during the upper level critique. Besides hitting on the usual kinds of things that printmakers like to talk about - process - we got into some of the motivations that inspired  creative investigations. I think it is highly important that such exchanges encourage a thorough grounding in the broad range of traditional, contemporary, and innovative printmaking techniques. It also encourages everyone to formulate and articulate philosophical and personal concepts and to move them into the visual. Although we have a relaxed studio environment, we also have an intensive studio experience with critical and theoretical dialogue, and that was very present yesterday. I appreciate the candor of dialogue. The goal of helping one another was healthy and constructive.

I hope some of the suggestions that were offered are thoroughly considered, especially in regard to context. Who are you as an artists and why do you do the things you do? Who else might be doing something similar and why are they doing it? Is there a difference between art and craft and how does it relate to the art and craft of printmaking? What about the traditions of your work and how does it relate to the contemporary?

Fear was an unexpected topic, and that evolved into some intense exchanges. Creativity and fear are strange bed fellows, so to say, with fear being the destructive counterpart. In fact, fear is perhaps the biggest block to creativity. Fear of making mistakes, of being criticized, of disturbing traditions and making changes, of losing the security of habit. It can go on and on. A change of focus will surely help alleviate such anxieties.

Looking forward to the continued exchanges, both formally and informally. See you in the shop.

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