Sunday, September 6, 2009


Hey, y'all.  Venture back to August 2008 to see a pretty sweet little 8 minute video about Intaglio, which we'll be starting a week from tomorrow. Go to BLOG ARCHIVE, click on the little arrow pointing to 2008,  then click on the little arrow pointing to August, then click on Intro to Intaglio, then click on the little arrow under the little screen and the video will start.


Shawn said...

I always assumed there was not much margin for error Intaglio. I am glad to see that some errors can be corrected through burnishing and such. This could be very addicting for me. I love line work - I might be in trouble.

brian h. jones said...

One of the really fun things about Intaglio is that errors often turn out to be "happy accidents". Be open to the reaction of nitric acid and zinc, it's often a surprise.