Thursday, September 10, 2009


A monoprint created by Dr. Carol Pulin during the Pinwheel workshop she conducted in our printshop.

Susan Moffett brought her drawing class to the shop to participate.

Some of the colorful pinwheels await planting out on campus.

Trista Escobedo and Haley Bayley work on their prints that eventually were cut and folded and mounted on sticks.

Beth Dougherty moves leaves around on one of her prints that had been used as stencils.

Carol Pulin and Beth Dougherty inspect one of the offset prints in her pinwheel series.

Carol Pulin, Director of the American Print Alliance, was our guest in the printshop conducting a Pinwheel Workshop (see August 31 post).  It was an energetic, sometimes chaotic day of monoprinting and monotyping, starting at 9:00 a.m. and concluding around 4:30.  Many students come into the shop to participate and the result is a collection of Pinwheels that will be installed on campus to promote sustainable energy.  Enjoy, and hope to see everyone at the opening this evening of the September 11 Memorial Portfolio.  Carol will give a gallery talk beginning at 6:00.

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