Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11 Memorial Portfolio Exhibition

This was a 36 foot mural created by seven Fine Arts students on the front wall of the gallery.

Here some visitors viewing individual prints from the Memorial Portfolio.

Another point of view showing the rows of prints in the installation.

445 prints wrapping around the gallery have a quiet and emotional impact.

The exhibition opened Thursday evening with nearly 225 in attendance throughout the two hour reception.  Dr. Carol Pulin gave a very moving gallery talk reflecting on the impact of the events of 9/11/01 and the 445 artists who responded with an outpouring of expressive image. 


Shawn said...

The more time I spend looking at the prints, the more I realize how much emotion is on the gallery walls. There are so many responses and reactions that it takes me back to the events. I remember all those same reactions from everyone around me. It was a confusing time. Everyone reacted differently; angry, sad, vengeful, and patriotic. The printmakers accurately recorded how we felt that day. FYI: So far, I have found prints from Professors Jones and Moffett on the wall among the 445. Get up there and look.

brian h. jones said...

This was an amazing exhibit to be a part of, from the original discussion to the final installation. When I look at the prints, I often get teary because I am also transported back to that day when Cynthia and I sat watching the TV when that second jetliner came into the picture and cut into the second tower. It was then that we knew that this was not some freak accident. Through this exhibit we have learned a lot about the reactions of individuals throughout the world. It's very moving.