Tuesday, April 13, 2010

David Morrison's visit/day 2

Rob Woolley sponging the plate.

Rob attaching a first run proof to the registration system while David supervises.

Two impressions, the left a first run and on the right a combination of the first and second.

David Morrison rolling up the plate.

The ink slab, roller, and colors used.

David arrived yesterday and spent the day getting unpacked, acclimated to the shop, presenting work and his plans for the week to the print class, stretching paper (60 sheets with each running through the press three times), preparing the registration on each sheet, and then printing the first run of color, a flat. It was a pretty busy day. Today, he and Rob are well into the second run, and already it is a beautiful image. It's pretty exciting to have this kind of energy in the shop and to see one of David's images developing from the initial idea/drawing.

Yesterday he explained that on a recent residency to the Banff Centre he had an initial plan going in, but after experiencing the awe-inspiring vistas of the Rocky Mountains and the lush landscape, he refocused into a new direction, completing a series of drawings. This new work is the inspiration for his new prints, based on nature, obstructions, music, and gesture, they are gestural and lyrical.

I will try to keep abreast with the work-in-progress and post the information and images over the next three days.

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