Wednesday, April 14, 2010

David Morrison's visit/day 3

Another image and run of color was printed last evening after yesterday's post, so there are now three colors/layers to the image. David is considering several possibilities for subsequent printings. So far the above stages have been printed off of plates, but he is thinking about a run off of stone today. Click on any of the images to see more detail.

Here are some of the drawing paraphernalia essential to developing each of the images that are being layered. The box of doughnuts are especially vital to the process.

This is the stone on which David created the key image, but it may be printed as an earlier run rather than the later. The proof to the right shows the 'musicality' of the image, and the subtle transitions of value moving through the complexity of the line work.

David's hand at work, drawing on frosted Mylar on the light table. It will be used as a positive to expose on the photo plate for subsequent printing.

It's been an amazing few days so far in the printshop. David and Rob are printing machines, pulling around 60 impressions for each layer, and running each of those layers in one session. It's been especially inspiring also for this 'intaglio-guy', who is now considering the possibilities of a litho. What? Yes, I may have to get on the litho press soon. There is a much more profound reconsideration of the process when you can witness the workings and the critical thinking process of an artist who is a master lithographer. Too much fun!

Besides all of the drawing and printing that's going on, David is also doing presentation after presentation to various groups of students who stop by the shop to witness the activity. Yesterday afternoon he presented a PowerPoint to Susan's drawing class, taking us back to some of his undergraduate work, through graduate school, various residencies, and up to his current work. A fascinating journey.

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