Thursday, April 15, 2010

David Morrison's visit/day 4

We're at day 4 in the printshop with David, and he and Rob have run two more colors since yesterday's post. Shawn was in there as well yesterday helping to get a warm grey printed, and then a white was added this morning, early this morning. David responded that it was the first time he had printed white, opaque white, over previous colors that may have been still slightly damp. What it did to the previous colors is pretty amazing, all kids of subtleties, light, and space are beginning to move. We both saw a slight visual connection the the landscape of Avatar.

David is working on yet another drawing for a later run of color. He consistently refines the image through the drawing process, considering each move in relation to what has happened to the image so far.

The row of state proofs lines the wall, showing each individual run and its effect on the previous stage of the image.

All of the prints are now sitting out on most of the surfaces to expedite the drying time. The plan is to begin printing again around 2:00 this afternoon after the prints have had some time to 'rest' and dry.

The current printing has moved from the Brand Litho press to the Takach press since it's more accommodating for stone.

This isn't a great shot of where we are now, but it's not bad. The image is beginning to have an internal glow.

Since last evening's print session ended earlier to allow for some drying time, David was taken to the local brew house, the New Albanian, where he discovered that they had one of his favorite beers on tap, Delirium, that he had been introduced to in Belgium, and amazingly it was on tap in New Albany, IN. Cheers!

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Happy Printmaking,
The Print is looks great.