Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moving on.....

Hurricane Ike will long be remembered in the Ohio Valley.  The power at my house finally came back on Saturday night, and I know a few of you were still unfortunately without power yesterday.  I can fully understand and appreciate the inconveniences that Ike has caused. However, we have to move on with our work in class.  I can't continue to teaching the art of printmaking to alternating groups. Those of you who have missed classes since the storm should try your best to get caught up.  In the printshop is a very informative studio manual called A Printshop Handbook, by Beth Grabowski.  This textbook details all  of the processes we have been exploring with Intaglio to date, from plate preparation to pulling the first impression.  Please review it particular to line etch and aquatint.

On Wednesday, the 24th, at the beginning of class I will collect all monotypes after they've been signed.  I will discuss that procedure with you then.  Think of what your title might be to include with the signing.  After reviewing the monotypes, I will then attach an evaluation and return them to you within a week.  You may then revise, redo, or create another in response to the evaluation, which will be included in your final portfolio.

Remember, if you've not yet paid your materials fee, please do so ASAP.

See you tomorrow.

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