Sunday, September 7, 2008

This is the color version of Awakening that I said that I would post in order to demonstrate the difference between the duotone image (below this post) on the cover of Contemporary Impressions and the actual print.  The color was created by a blended relief roll onto the plate after the image had been inked as an intaglio.  The blend was created with three different inks, two with Cyan (the bottom a bit more intense) and one with Benz Yellow.  Each color was further mixed with transparent tint base and Setswell compound.  I also added a few drops of linseed oil to the mixture so that the relief roll would not pull up any of the intaglio ink;  the intaglio color was stiff and the relief roll was loose. It was important in this printing for the inking combination  to have a strong repulsion of each other since the solar plate was not etched very deep.  I did not want to lose any detail by having the relief roller pull any contrast from the plate. 

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