Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Off to Fargo

We're off to Fargo to Attend the Mid America Print Council conference.  As part of the conference activities, there will be an exchange portfolio with the theme of "Convergence".  This theme is defined as the occurrence of two or more things coming together, and each artist participating in the portfolio and exhibition can interpret that as they see fit.  Each image has an edition of twelve, and each artists who participates will receive a portfolio of ten prints by different artists in exchange.  So we'll bring our portfolios to show next Monday.  The images above are by those of us from IUS who will be participating.  Jamie Klein's lithograph and screenprint combination; Rob Woolley's intaglio with relief roll; Susan Moffett's screenprint with relief, and my digital with relief roll.  I couldn't catch Donna today, but will post hers next week. 

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brian h. jones said...

Julie, Brent, and Cricket, please be mindful of the beginners and offer any assistance they may need for the next few days. If you're not sure, look into the Printshop Handbook for details.